Maori Tattoo Designs - Discover New Ideas For Your Next Maori Tribal Tattoos

Maori tattoo designs are highly popular although it is probably more accurate not to call them Maori tribal tattoos but Maori-inspired tattoos instead. This is because true, genuine tattoos of this type are only given within the original communities from where these originated. In this article, I want to help you generate new ideas and develop them so you can get closer to being certain what you want from your artist.

Maori Tattoo Designs For Men

Originally, Maori tattoos were worn mainly by the men and limited mainly to the face. This was done in the iconic rectilinear style that you would no doubt recognise if you saw it.

These days, it is not usual for many people to get their faces tattooed in this manner. Instead, the more commonly used designs are those featuring interesting geometric shapes, particularly spirals and curves. These days, most guys around the world usually get tattooed on the upper arm and sometimes in other areas too.

Maori Tattoo Designs For Women

Although original Maori women used to only receive very small tattoos, in today's international world the Maori tattoo (outside of the stereotypical upper arm tattoo for guys) is really considered to be gender-neutral.

One aspect of the tattoo that appeals greatly to both sexes today is the fact that it encloses an area of skin into complete darkness save for thin slits of uninked skin. This gives an effect very similar to a regular tattoo sleeve worn on the arm.

This type of tattoo is still not frequently seen on women but I have seen some amazing work done on arms and also around the torso.

Maori Tattoo Designs For Arms

These are the most common of all and there are several different styles. Most feature simple spirals and some go further to depict masks, and small tiled geometric shapes.

While most of them occupy just the upper arm, it is not uncommon to see a tattoo that extends into the adjacent chest area.

Also, compared to most arm tattoos, Maori designs on the arm are usually half rather than full sleeves.

Maori Tattoos On The Back

This sort of work is very rare indeed. If this is something you'd be interested in, I'd recommend finding an artist whose number one talent is Maori designs and speaking to him/her and checking out their portfolio. Maori tattoo work of this size demands a very good artist.

Women Will Scream at Your New Angel Tattoo Design If You Get These Few Things Wrong With Your Design

Any tattoo for that matter must be personally unique to make the person proud of the mark he chose to forever engrave in his skin. Angel design tattoos are about the heavenly beings sent to protect and bless people. As we continually think that our dearly departed that have now become our guardian angels. Honor and manifest the presence of angels in your life by representing them on your skin through angel artwork. Most men choose to be tattooed in areas that manifest their masculinity.
The back part of the female body is an attractive area to get tattoos of angels. there are many places and good tattoo shops where you can have your perfect design of an angel, choose one wisely. As you discover different types of angel tattoo designs, you will have to pick and choose which one describes you the best. If you are a person with interest in protecting people and upholding goodness, then perhaps you should consider choosing an archangel tattoo.
Most people usually only think of angels as divine beings but they forget there are also cherubim's. Guardian angel tattoo designs symbolize the power and strength of protector angels. The adventurous and mysterious types of people choose to have angel wing tattoos having fallen from heaven these angels can often symbolize rebellion or fallen from grace. Whatever angel tattoo design you choose to have, make sure you get them from a reputable tattoo artist so you can ensure the quality of your angel tattoo design.
Another way to uphold the power of divinity is by engraving the beauty and power of God's angels by having an angel tattoo. Angel art work is a great way to show the world how strong you believe in the goodness of life and how intent you are at preserving it. There are different meanings to the symbols for men and women so you will need to choose one carefully. Because of the dominant emotional feelings of women, they tend to choose a design that symbolizes great patience and love for others. You can search the web for pictures of your favourite types of angel. Be sure to pick the one that represents your goal and belief in life.

New Era For Body Art And Tattoo Designs

TV programs like LA Ink and Miami Ink have helped change the "stigma" about getting tattoos. Tattoo designs have moved along with progress and is now quite technical, you can use software programs to help with choosing your body art and there are thousands of templates to choose your Tattoo design from. You can choose your design, print it and take it to your local Tattoo artist - so simple.

Remember the day when only sailors, bikers and gang members wore tattoos, now that's all changed. People are getting inked for all types of reasons, like the loss of a loved one to a life changing experience like religion. Then there's the person who wants body art for no other reason than just because, and leaves it up to the artist to come up with a design. Artist seem to love this, allows them to show off there creativity and artistic talent.

Tattoo conventions are bigger than ever, with hundreds of artists under one roof and thousands of visitors coming through the doors for days, there's no excuse not to find the style and design that suits you. There are as many woman artists as men, no longer a male dominated industry. Classic styles like Celtic Designs Tattoo's are still popular some of the most common designs asked for are. Knots: The entwined patterns of the knot design represent the continuous cycle of life and death with no beginning and no end. There are times when the knot works form certain geometric shapes, like triangles and circles. When triangles and circles combine, it makes a trinity knot that symbolizes the mind, body and spirit.

Hearts: The Celtic heart is also know as the love knot tattoo. It basically represents the unity of souls. The Heart designs are popular for someone looking for a romantic design.

There are plenty more Celtic designs available like "Tree of Life" and "Maze".

The styles that have seen the most growth is definitely "Custom Body Art Designs" The main reason custom designs have become so popular is because it's unique, the chance of someone else having the same design is virtually zero. Going down to the beach and seeing someone with the same tattoo design as you is as bad as going to the party, or showing up on the red carpet and someone else has the same dress as you. Not cool.

Arms are still the most popular area to get a tattoo especially for guys. Some things to consider after you've decided to tattoo your arm will firstly be - where on the arm you want your tattoo and how big. You could go for a full sleeve which like the word says will cover your arm like a sleeve, within a sleeve you could have a number of different designs.

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