Tattoo Ideas For 2010 - Top 3 Hottest New Tattoo Designs

Are you ready to get a new tattoo this year? No matter if it is your first tattoo or your tenth, getting fresh ink requires a little research and development before going to get it done. Designs and trends seem to change on a year to year basis, and 2010 appears to be no exception to that rule. Here are the hottest new tattoo design ideas for 2010. Pick one of these and you are sure to be happy with your results.

Top 3 Hottest New Tattoo Designs for 2010

    Roman Neck Tattoo - Getting a Roman tattoo on your neck may sound a little painful, but the look is certainly in style. The roman letters can represent anything from sayings of strength and power, to the name of someone close to your heart. While the most popular versions are black and white, getting some color on your neck tattoo will make it stand out from the rest.
    Hand/Finger Web Tattoos - Believe it or not, many people are now getting tattoos on their hands and fingers. A popular idea is to get a spider web type design on your hand or even your palm. The look is especially distinct when you add pictures of spiders or small animals to the design as well. Be careful here, though, as you will be locked into everyone seeing it whether you want them to or not given the visible location.
    Middle Back Bird Tattoos - Getting a soaring eagle or other similar bird in the middle of your back, so it spreads its wings as you stretch your back, is becoming more popular and in demand. This easy to cover up tattoo can be a very complex and personal design and the color pallet is virtually limitless.

Getting a tattoo is a very personal decision and you should do your research and homework before going to get the permanent ink applied. Stick with one of these top ideas and you will be happy with your results.

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