Trying to Decide on a New Tattoo Design? Check Out a Tribal Butterfly Tattoo

So you are thinking about a new tattoo? There are many different reasons why a tribal butterfly tattoo would be great on your body. There are many women, and even some men, who are extremely satisfied with this type of tattoo permanently etched on their skin. More than likely, you know or have seen someone showing off their fantastic tattoo proudly out in public.

Tribal butterfly tattoos, for the most part are descended from Scotland and Ireland and from some small tribes in Borneo. The ancestral art of native and local tribes are the greatest influence on the tattoo's design.

Among all the modern popular designs, tattoos featuring butterfly designs are a favorite. The creation of tribal butterfly tattoos is often completed using dark colors instead of vibrant and colorful shades which are used more on traditional butterfly tattoos. Often black in color, these tribal tattoos sometimes also feature the combination of black tribal swirls with the image of a colorful butterfly. Butterfly designs that are done on the lower back are usually bigger, more elaborate images that span across the entire lower back. Putting a butterfly on the lower back often works out wonderfully since a butterfly has a symmetrical shape.

A lot of times you will see many smaller designs that are incorporated within the entire tribal butterfly tattoo design. Sometimes you will see various swirls and patterns outlining and complementing the tattoo. This is a way that you can add something special to a tribal butterfly tattoo design to make it customized and unique to you. When you are making the important decision on a tattoo design, a butterfly tattoo is a cool way to get something traditional and popular, but that can also be adjusted should you decide to add additional tattoos in the area.

Besides the obvious aesthetic beauty of a tribal butterfly tattoo design, they also have great meaning. The butterfly tattoo conveys the message of passion, transformation, hope, and new life. You really can not go wrong choosing this great design.

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