New Tattoo Designs - How to Get That Original Design

Do you ever see someone's tattoo and think to yourself, "why didn't they get something original?" Too often I hear people saying that they got their idea for their tattoo off some album cover or got it off the wall at the tattoo shop.

If you are really looking to create a new tattoo that's original to you try a few different things:

    Draw the tattoo yourself or have a friend who is more artistic draw it
    Incorporate things unique about yourself into the design such as your birth date, kids' names, or significant occurrences in your life
    Look at other designs and tweak them to your liking
    Find tattoos off of internet sites and find those that you find impressive - obscure tattoos
    Design your tattoo on the computer by using a program like Photoshop

Do not do the following if you plan to make your tattoo unique:

    Pick something off of the wall at the tattoo shop
    Pick your tattoo from a book at the tattoo shop
    Choose your tattoo design from some mainstream media
    Place your tattoo in a very common area such as the arm, lower back, ankle, etc.

If you decide to get a tattoo that is fairly popular, try putting the tattoo in a place on your body that makes the tattoo seem uncommon or out of place. This will help set you apart from others with a similar design.

Ask yourself a question before you get your next tattoo. Is my tattoo meant to be a reflection of my attitude, lifestyle, or beliefs? If that's the case, do you really want to set yourself apart from others with your design?

If you are looking for those original designs try visiting the site I've listed below. This site should get you started on designing or picking out your next unique tattoo. There are some great links to tattoo design websites on this page as well.

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